Wednesday, April 27, 2011


heck I'm already forgetting about this thing.  Need to keep up with it.
Wondering what I could blog about... I'm leaning towards art. Everything art! My personal life isn't interesting.. but art is.
I'll spill what goes through my brain here, and maybe post stuff that I don't record myself drawing on my youtube. So does that sound good? y/y? YES IT DOES.
Okay cool!

Once again I am procrastinating...

I'd leave you with some interesting photos but unfortunately I have none.
OHHH! Maybe I'll post my photography sometimes. :)

Also, my 21st birthday is coming up. (May 6). I like lamborghinis.. just throwing that out there in case you felt like robbing a bank to buy me a nice ride you know? I figured I'd specify what I'd like so that you don't have to go through the trouble of guessing. (red convertible preferably) There should be a parking spot in front of my place available. Mmk!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Was at Ana Maria Island for a photoshoot today. Maybe I will post more later.. heres a couple.


Also I collabed with my friend CORY! Small snippet of my "singing" :P Go check out his video here, comment & and sub him :)

Photoshoot was fun, but after the beach we went to this place with a huge hill/trees/grass and the mosquitos had a freaking party with me.. I am so bitten up right now ;( They always bite me the most, my blood must be delicious or something. 

Oh. and you know that thing that happens when you've been going without sleep for way too long, and you dose yourself up on caffeine and then you're like a delirious zombie... conscious but semi-incoherient. Well that's me right now. Ordered a mocha frapaccino with 3 extra shots today. The people at starbucks were like "uhh...."
Yeah, terrible. My organs are gonna shut down LOL

Sunday, April 17, 2011

first entry.

HELLO, reader!
I am assuming you've wandered into this corner of the internet via my youtube. I have created this blog as an attempt to capture some bits of my life, and maybe spill some sUpEr D33P ThOuGhtS. Not really, but it's good to have a place to write crap and stuff, since I don't do that too often. All I ever write nowadays is college papers. = /gag /vomit /slitwrist. I don't actually document my life in any way, except perhaps youtube. And that's not so much documentation of my life.. rather my hobbies and interests. Although I did create a second channel for the nonsensical randomness! 

ANYWHO.. I am currently procrastinating on a 1600 word lit essay. Who cares that I had 2 weeks to do it,  I'm suffering from a disease damnit, A DISEASE. Chronic procrastination is a SERIOUS illness let me tell you! 1 cup of coffee isn't enough.. this is gonna be a LOOOOOOOONG night. 

You know you are Lena Danya when:
-you sing "I wanna beeee a dinosauuuuuurrr, oohh I dinosauuuur" while pouring your coffee.
-you write a eulogy for the bug you killed in the bathroom.. brutally spraying him/her/it with a cocktail of inevitable death
-your huge paper is due in about 8 hours but you're BLOGGING instead
-get addicted to watching a 24/7 live broadcast of an eagle family ( and check periodically throughout the day

Those are some of the ground-breaking things I did today. /mylifeissoexciting

I found an old diary that I kept when I was in 7th grade. This crap is hilarious and incredibly embarrassing, I kind want to go back in time and drop-kick myself in the teeth for writing some of this crap. But it's very entertaining, maybe I'll share some later ;)

Alright. Enough blogging, back to being responsible. 
I shall leave you with this image:
Why it is my partner in crime and myself! :)

Goodnight <3