Sunday, April 17, 2011

first entry.

HELLO, reader!
I am assuming you've wandered into this corner of the internet via my youtube. I have created this blog as an attempt to capture some bits of my life, and maybe spill some sUpEr D33P ThOuGhtS. Not really, but it's good to have a place to write crap and stuff, since I don't do that too often. All I ever write nowadays is college papers. = /gag /vomit /slitwrist. I don't actually document my life in any way, except perhaps youtube. And that's not so much documentation of my life.. rather my hobbies and interests. Although I did create a second channel for the nonsensical randomness! 

ANYWHO.. I am currently procrastinating on a 1600 word lit essay. Who cares that I had 2 weeks to do it,  I'm suffering from a disease damnit, A DISEASE. Chronic procrastination is a SERIOUS illness let me tell you! 1 cup of coffee isn't enough.. this is gonna be a LOOOOOOOONG night. 

You know you are Lena Danya when:
-you sing "I wanna beeee a dinosauuuuuurrr, oohh I dinosauuuur" while pouring your coffee.
-you write a eulogy for the bug you killed in the bathroom.. brutally spraying him/her/it with a cocktail of inevitable death
-your huge paper is due in about 8 hours but you're BLOGGING instead
-get addicted to watching a 24/7 live broadcast of an eagle family ( and check periodically throughout the day

Those are some of the ground-breaking things I did today. /mylifeissoexciting

I found an old diary that I kept when I was in 7th grade. This crap is hilarious and incredibly embarrassing, I kind want to go back in time and drop-kick myself in the teeth for writing some of this crap. But it's very entertaining, maybe I'll share some later ;)

Alright. Enough blogging, back to being responsible. 
I shall leave you with this image:
Why it is my partner in crime and myself! :)

Goodnight <3

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