Wednesday, April 27, 2011


heck I'm already forgetting about this thing.  Need to keep up with it.
Wondering what I could blog about... I'm leaning towards art. Everything art! My personal life isn't interesting.. but art is.
I'll spill what goes through my brain here, and maybe post stuff that I don't record myself drawing on my youtube. So does that sound good? y/y? YES IT DOES.
Okay cool!

Once again I am procrastinating...

I'd leave you with some interesting photos but unfortunately I have none.
OHHH! Maybe I'll post my photography sometimes. :)

Also, my 21st birthday is coming up. (May 6). I like lamborghinis.. just throwing that out there in case you felt like robbing a bank to buy me a nice ride you know? I figured I'd specify what I'd like so that you don't have to go through the trouble of guessing. (red convertible preferably) There should be a parking spot in front of my place available. Mmk!

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