Monday, April 18, 2011


Was at Ana Maria Island for a photoshoot today. Maybe I will post more later.. heres a couple.


Also I collabed with my friend CORY! Small snippet of my "singing" :P Go check out his video here, comment & and sub him :)

Photoshoot was fun, but after the beach we went to this place with a huge hill/trees/grass and the mosquitos had a freaking party with me.. I am so bitten up right now ;( They always bite me the most, my blood must be delicious or something. 

Oh. and you know that thing that happens when you've been going without sleep for way too long, and you dose yourself up on caffeine and then you're like a delirious zombie... conscious but semi-incoherient. Well that's me right now. Ordered a mocha frapaccino with 3 extra shots today. The people at starbucks were like "uhh...."
Yeah, terrible. My organs are gonna shut down LOL

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